The Death Birds

by A Luna Red

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“The Death Birds”, originally released in 2000 on Vancouver’s Global Symphonic label (Frog Eyes, The Organ), was the first of two LPs by this short lived Vancouver experimental electronic post-punk outfit. The tracks that comprise this release were written in a short, condensed period of three months from what was at the time three musicians from varying backgrounds looking to forge a tense atmospheric sound that was simultaneously urgent and distressed.

This album is a small yet noteworthy blip in Vancouver’s world renowned “industrial” music scene, which is also the home to a first wave of artists such as Skinny Puppy, Moev and Front Line Assembly to newer artists such as Left Spine Down and Stiff Valentine. aLUnAred also had sensibilities in the “nu wave” scene that came out of a renewed interest in synth music by indie/post-hardcore musicians that in a larger context brought on the wave of post-punk revival that caught on in the early noughties.

With almost fifteen years of hindsight it’s fair to say that “The Death Birds” is a difficult, even fractured listen but full of interesting sounds and accidents that is always the stuff of magic with younger, experimental musicians. One feeling that is still strong from this record is the sense of millennial tension that perhaps was the foreboding sense of paranoid and dread in a world that would soon change drastically with the events of 911 in New York that fall afternoon.

The original CD of this is long out of print and so as a start to an archival digital release project by former aLUnARED vocalist/bassist JJD (who now lives in the UK and plays as the successful Soft Riot), “The Death Birds” is now offered as a digital release for all interested in hearing it. Included in this re-release is an added, previously un-released bonus track as well as an extended digital booklet based on the original artwork containing extra photos as well as an extended retrospective foreward by former aLUnARED synthesist William Winslow-Hansen.


released February 3, 2014

aLUnARED on this recording was JJD (jack duckworth), erica neumann and william winslow-hansen with additional playing by wayne morhart. instruments played included bass guitar, guitar, voice, synthesizers, programmed drums, sequencers, samplers, tapes, vocorder, effects units, oil barrels, junkyard scraps, a hammer, a food processor, paper and other odds and ends.

All tracks recorded may 2000 to june 2000 at the hive studios, vancouver, canada. the track THE CUT-UPS recorded november 2000 at the hive studios. released on compact disc in december 2000 on the label global symphonic in the running order of this re-release with exception of the track SLOW IN THE COCOON which was unreleased from the album studio session.

Engineered, mixed, edited and assembled by colin stewart and aLUnARED. incidental pieces recorded by individual band members on cassette four track in various locations.



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A Luna Red Vancouver, British Columbia

A Luna Red were a post-punk, industrial band from Vancouver BC that were active between 1999 and 2003. They released a number of records which can be found at . JJD from A Luna Red now plays as SOFT RIOT.

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Track Name: Insects And Binary Bits
this was once a war song. all guts stripped out: now gone. anthems for live animals. now drugs for the plastic fray. aim for a section: extract the message. the true trajectory. the pure propensity. lies filed down as do lepers as your parts to malice. two to the insects. but one to strangle the heart: the throat of wires and binary bits. the buzzing streets. the marketed web. the chemical elite. the cocaine logic. the new regime. the locust pedestal. it all reads one and the same to me. the screens read clear. reality breaks through bad coffee and cigarettes. we’ll bow down to no-one. we can’t wait it out. we can’t weight it down.
Track Name: The Death Birds
the green birds land in his red hands. the atomic sun burns in his blind eye. he lay fallen in the dirt. apart from the middle. the death birds carry him away. the death birds carry him away. he’s translating ancient soundwaves. and thinking of his mother. his beautiful mother. he always loved his mother.
Track Name: Malaria
this place is cold. all sweat for three days. light is so bright when you don’t see day. slowly go down. deteroriation. no more quinones can save our souls. marching drums ring. air raid sirens sing. open fields bring views of tragedy. they say…
Track Name: The Cut-Ups
are you off or on? an exo-skeleton depressed into mute? i think it’s safe to say that you will remain the same until you see out and through. just raise a glass. put up a toast. cut-up communication splayed: digested the wrong way. an error in the throat. but we still stumble on knives that whet themselves and cut up the fabric of how you network your grace and then showcase yourself to death. priceless. immortal. no-one can afford it. careful plans aborted. pull us in then wash away. priceless. immortal. say i love you than distort it it. emotions recorded and then destroyed. it’s a shame that in this game we are all gone. it’s a shame that in this game we are all gone. but this isn’t a game because these legs are so lame.
Track Name: Killer In White
under my feet stars like dead leaves falling. under my feet the bloodless faces staring.
Track Name: The Ministry Of Truth
“they who control the past control the future.” “they who control the present control the past.” we can stick to the same principles. we can construct walls up and around ourselves. yet the bodies in the chairs still don’t believe it’s there sitting in front of them. this cross-section of bastard histories. repeat at random: “i won’t allow it.” “i can’t allow it. brother brother brother. can you take off the screen on my head? sister sister sister. we refuse to believe it’s even happening today.
Track Name: Radiation
in through the hole to the outside. light goes slow through the ashes. this is the unknown. you be its candy. radiation. i see you breathe on cracked windows. we can’t espace what we know. is this the empty hallway where you fell through? radiation. these are the secrets of reactions. the voice of disease. you grew cold through the night. back through the hallway where we fell through. radiation.˙